Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Thank you lord for one of the greatest gifts in nature. The lovely Tree. (This poem was written based on fond memories of quiet walks taken with my son....Every so often we would stop, close our eyes and listen to the wind as it brushed through the leaves)

Lovely Tree

Enormous is your size
Quiet is your voice, soft as a whisper
It is your secret language, with the wind.
Eager to eavesdrop, I stop, close my eyes, and strain to hear you.

Like a Chameleon, your colors change,
Blinding me, with deep greens, blazing reds and bright yellows.
How can mere words describe such beauty?
Ethereal, such a sight leaves me short of breath.

It is cold now. The world outside is hiding, cowardly under a blanket of white.
Not you though, you remain stoic yet proud, and eternally beautiful.

Your roots are firmly planted,
You have marked your territory, with every precious breath I take.

We have cut you and replaced you with metal and steel.
We have replaced your warmth with coldness.
We have marked our territory in error.

Despite our cruelty, you continue to forgive.
You still offer your brightest of colors.
As you dance and whisper softly in the wind.
How gracious you are as you embrace us with serenity and peace.

My eyes seek your beauty,
My ears strain to hear you,
My fingers gently touch you as I pass you by.
My heart will always love you.

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