Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The big day had come, Finally we would meet.
You took your time, 40 hours later you arrived.
You struggled to take your first breath,
I struggled to catch mine as I looked at you!
My Son, My blessing

They took you from me for a time,
A time that seemed like an eternity.
A piece of me was missing,
Then reunited, our eyes met and a bond formed.
My Son, My blessing

Time has passed, nearly 4 years now.
I have taught you with pride.
I sometimes get a glimpse of a future man,
And I am so proud to be your mom!
My Son, My blessing

You have always been quiet and calm
Going about your day.
Building your block's, gently putting each piece in it's place.
You take your time, no need to rush.
My Son, My blessing

As a baby you would spread your love freely.
Now as a child you are so kind and compassionate.
Every person you meet is different, yet you love each one
in your own special way.
My Son, My blessing

Your word's show how big your heart is.
How it overflows with love.
"I love you too much!" You say.
Like a big moon, big sun, big sky, big Airplane.
TOO MUCH you say, as though your cup runneth over with love.
My Son, My blessing

Your kindness is endearing,
Yet at times your head can be as hard as stone.
How can he be so stubborn?? I say
Then I get a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror...
oh that's how.
My Son, My blessing

Today your favorite word is WHY???
Why did you say that Mommy?
Why do we do that like this?
What are People doing?
I answer with care, knowing that my response will help you
to grow and learn.
My Son, My blessing

I can't do it mommy!
With a little smile and soft word's,
I look into your big brown eyes and correct you.
You can do it! Try again. A simple message,
That will help you throughout your life.
My Son, My blessing

Thank you for helping Mommy today,
I am so proud of you.
You respond with pride!
That is not a very nice thing to do!
You respond in anger!
More angry with yourself than with me.
Eager to do good, but test me with the bad.
My Son, My blessing

At such a tender age, you strive to keep the peace.
The slightest glimpse of anger and you say,
"Mommy HAPPY or Daddy HAPPY!"
With those simple word's, all anger is gone
Peace is made!
My Son, My blessing

Your Kisses are precious.
You take our faces into your tiny hand's,
as you shower us with affection and love!
My Son, My blessing

You have been one of my greatest gift's.
Even before you were born, I prayed for you.
I prayed for a gentle heart and a kind soul.
I know that my prayer's have been answered,
Everytime you rub your face on mine so affectionately.
Every time you say," I LOVE YOU MOMMY!"
Every time you say; "I am so happy to have Mommy!"
to which I respond, and "Mommy is so happy to have You baby!"
My Son, My blessing

I love you my baby! I hope to share this little poem with you one day.
I am so proud of the person that you already are. I am looking forward 
to getting to know the person that you will become.

This is one of my sons favorite songs! He truly appreciates what he has after seeing this video!


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