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If you think you`re too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room - Anita Roddick human rights activist

 Have you ever wondered how you could change someone`s day? Lift someone else`s spirits by doing a simple gesture. The world has become so technical and stressful. Let us now remember a little human kindness and add it into our day. Here are ten very simple ways to put a smile one someones face.

You will notice that I have not mentioned our parents in this post. They of course are the first people we should show kindness to. I have not mentioned them below because I will be dedicating another entire post to them soon. I feel that they deserve more than just a few lines.

I believe that this may be the easiest yet most effective act of kindness out there. This works well on a simple stranger as well as the people we love the most. Don`t be shy, compliment someone else on their smile as well. The lady at the supermarket went the extra mile?? Let her know that you appreciated it, she will be more likely to smile at the next customer. For more on smiles, visit my previous post `A smile is charity` here

-Give up your place in line or hold the door for someone.
Back in the day, a true gentleman would never even think of not holding a door or letting a lady pass in front of him. Woman or man, we need to bring this quality back. So that when someone does hold the door for us or offers us his or her place in line, we are not surprised, but see this as a very natural thing to do. We are grateful and eager to pass it on.

-Do something that does not interest you to make someone else happy.
Comprimise. When you do this, others are more likely to do it for you one day.

-Volenteer or support a cause.
There are so many great causes out there. We could offer a few hours of our day to a soup kitchen,  
Don`t know where to go or who to donate to? Here is a site that I found. Wherever you live in canada, you will find a place here;

-Someone likes something that you have. Why not give it to them?
I have surprised my mom on quite a few occasions with this one. Stuff is just stuff and replaceable. The gratitude and happiness that your action will produce cannot easily be replaced.

-Visiting someone who just had a baby is a duty. Cooking for them for the week is an act of kindness.
I remember when I gave birth to my daughter, a very good friend would bring over cooked dishes every day for me. I will remember this act of kindness more than any gift I had received. (of course I appreciated every gift as well)
This act can also be done for someone who is sick. Even a sick neighbor. Make a pot of chicken soup and not only will they heal physically, but you will also soothe their heart with warmth.

-Pick a `person of the week or month.`
We all have a circle of  friends and family. Why not have a personal list of names. And every week or month, just do something for one of them. It could be as easy as cooking them a nice dinner, buying them flowers or something bigger. That person will feel extra special and you will get the chance to show them how very important they are to you!

-Think about the senior citizens. 
Too often these days we here horrible stories about how the ederly are mistreated. It is so sad. Why not do your part to spread some love and kindness to an ederly person you know. Or if you do not know any, why not go visit a retirement home near you? Buy some flowers and make the trip with your child or children. You will be teaching them a great life lesson. Give a flower to each ederly person in the home. Or why not have your child draw some pictures and give those to the ederly. The possiblities are endless.

-Don`t forget about nature and the animals.
Have a park clean-up day with the kids. This is a great idea. The children will have fun on the swings and slides. Then show them why it is important to keep the park and surroundings clean. This shows respect for others, as well as protecting our beautiful environment. Also don`t forget to explain to the children that littering is not acceptable! When outside, find a garbage bin or bring a plastic bag along for any trash you may have.
Why not plant a tree? This is one of Gods greatest gifts to all of us. While so many are being cut down, we should be planting more.
Work in the garden with your child, plant flowers, veggies etc. Then watch as everything grows.
Build a bird house and hang it on your tree branch. Birds tweeting is one of the sweetest sounds don`t you think? So many different colored birds will come to visit. You and your children will love it.

-Remember your significant other.
Sometimes when we see someone everyday we may unintentionally start to take that person for granted. We need to remind ourselves that they are the love of our lives. So if you are a stay at home mom or dad, don`t forget to greet your spouse with a smile. Take a few minutes to ask about their day and avoid complaining about yours (wait until later...ha ha) Make your spouse feel special, and remind them why they chose you to be their life partner. Because you are just an amazing and kind person.

Don`t forget every act of kindness is contagious! Spread the love and the love will come back to you!. Pay it forward.


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