Friday, June 14, 2013


So have you ever wondered just how many calories you are eating per day? Maybe you have a health problem and Therefore you need to count the calories of everything. Or maybe like me you would like to lose some extra weight (in my case baby weight). Whatever the reason, it is very helpful to have a list of food and their matching calories on hand. So I decided to create a list. I will be making a follow-up post soon on other important factors in a healthy diet like sodium intake and good and bad fats etc... For now I just wanted to offer a simple list, which I will periodically add to. As a little bonus and since we all need a little encouragement I have also made a Calories-out list. I was pleasantly surprised to see that almost everything we do does burn some calories. I would like to share some credit for this post with `The book depository` they are one of my favorite online bookstores. They gave me this great idea by sending me original little bookmarks with Calories-In and Calorie-out on them.

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